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V0 Microduct Connector

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UL 94 is a plastics flammability standard released by the Underwriters Laboratories (USA).

The standard classifies plastics according to how they burn in various orientations and part thicknesses from the lowest flame-retardant to most flameretardant in six different classifications


.Body:Polycarbonate   .Seal:NBR

.Washer:Polyketone    .Lock Claws:SUS

.Collar: Polyketone     .Sleeve: Polyketone


.Connect two microducts which are the same outer diameter.

.Easy installation,without any special tools.

.Transparent plastic body,easy to observe the situation.

.High Temperature resistance -20℃ --+50℃

.High Pressure resistance >25bar.

.IP Rate: IP68

.FR Resistance style also available V0


.Burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical part allowing for drops of plastic that are not inflames.