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The future of cross-border integrated communication of power big data
source:Wenzhou Hantang Telecommunications Technology Co., Ltd Addtime:2022-01-06 Views:

Reported: State Grid Sichuan electric power company and China Unicom Sichuan Branch, making full use of the full data advantages of "smart meter production activity portrait" and "telecom enterprise public communication portrait", jointly developed the country's first "power + communication" cross-border big data analysis platform to comprehensively and deeply analyze the current overall trend and micro characteristics, Provide all-round decision support for the government to grasp the situation of enterprise resumption of work and production, business prosperity index, personnel flow in epidemic affected areas, economic recovery, etc.

We know that as a new technology and concept, power big data contains great value. The construction of smart grid and smart city cannot be separated from the support of power big data. Through the fusion and superposition of power consumption and user behavior data, State Grid Sichuan electric power can more scientifically picture the resumption of work, business activities and community personnel flow, and make the data play the effect of 1 + 1 > 2. It has the characteristics of accurate and real-time data. The emergence of power big data reflects the production and living power consumption of customers on that day, will promote the reform of the power industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of the power industry, bring a new business model, further promote the sustainable development of China's energy supply, promote energy conservation and efficient utilization, and provide guarantee for the safe, reliable, economic and efficient operation of the power grid.

China Unicom Sichuan branch has eight latitudes of data information such as identity, Internet access, location, social networking, expenditure, communication, terminal and timing of mobile phone users, which is characterized by strong temporal and spatial continuity and high data value. At the platform technical level, relying on the user signaling analysis data of Sichuan Unicom and combined with the enterprise big data platform, the real-time correlation calculation is carried out for nearly 300 million power consumption data generated by 32 million users in the province every day, and the enterprise resumption of work and production, business prosperity index and personnel flow data of epidemic affected communities are obtained. At the level of data modeling, it accurately analyzes the enterprise resumption and population flow behavior from the two dimensions of power consumption and signaling. By building a machine learning model, it calculates the enterprise resumption and production, business climate index and personnel flow data of epidemic affected communities, and completes the integrated display and dynamic prediction.

We say that data is the "barometer" of economic development, and operators' personal signaling data is the "compass" of population mobility. It can be seen that the scenarios of enterprise resumption of work and production, business scene heat monitoring and personnel flow monitoring in epidemic related communities have realized the sharing of mobile phone signaling data and power consumption data, and integrated cross-border data resources. In the future, energy enterprises will develop a variety of energy across borders, such as the Internet, chips, edge computing, artificial intelligence Information and communication technologies such as big data have become key cross-border and integrated objects in the energy industry.