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How to meet the complex needs of industrial manufacturing? Maxim communication interface IC series can help you
source:Wenzhou Hantang Telecommunications Technology Co., Ltd Addtime:2022-01-03 Views:

With the rapid progress of network information technology, the development model of modern industry began to inject new vitality. For example, the previous practice of only continuous mass production and sales of a product for 20 years is no longer feasible. Under the impact of global overcapacity and Internet upstarts, the life cycle of any product is greatly shortened, It makes the traditional industry to produce in the direction of rapid, small batch, added value and customization.

Industry 4.0 adapts to the needs of the new era. Today's industry is based on technologies such as sensor network, communication and big data processing to realize a "beautiful world" of intelligence, service and resource allocation from factory production to customer use of products. There is no doubt that a reliable communication foundation is the key to the implementation of specific details, such as industrial communication interface scheme, industrial power supply and protection technology scheme, application analog signal link analysis and other industrial subdivision fields should be involved in an all-round way.

Therefore, in the face of how to work reliably and shorten downtime in harsh environment, industrial communication interface IC products begin to play the role of many diagnostic characteristics. Therefore, as the organizer, big bit information will hold an Innovation Forum - Maxim industrial application practice tour seminar in Dongguan on January 8 and Wuhan on January 10, in which high-quality products and advanced technical solutions will help solve the problems encountered by engineers in design.

Maxim updates and improves some communication interfaces in the past, such as high signal level, improper use, easy to damage the interface chip, limited transmission distance, communication can only be tens of meters at most, and multi computer networking communication is not allowed. This time Maxim has brought a variety of industrial communication interface products, ranging from digital IO devices to digital isolation and serial communication, such as RS-485 and can, and IO link. Among them, RS-485 adopts differential signal, which has the advantage of suppressing common mode interference, solving the situation of complex industrial field environment and more interference, and has fast communication rate, The maximum transmission distance can reach about 1200 meters. In addition, it can also carry out networking and multi computer communication on the bus.

Maxim has a series of selected products and technical solution resources in the application field of industrial Internet of things (IOT). For more activity information, please log in to the following website. Now we accept online registration. The whole meeting is free and seats are limited. If you want to report quickly.